Napkin decoupaged paper easter eggs

these are the supplies you will need. I found all my supplies minus the napkins at Roberts Crafts. The Napkins were from Target, in their Easter section. LET ME BEGIN~

coat your egg thoroughly with your  mod podge! like this!

just place napkin over the paper egg, and smooth it out rubbing it close to the egg. Gather the extra napkin at the bottom/underneath of the egg.

it should look like this once gathered.

then cut off the extra napkin you won’t need. It helps to coat and cover the napkin much better.

Once you have thoroughly covered the egg, underneath included, it will look like this. TIP: you may want to wash or wipe your hands/fingers off between coatings because your fingers will stick to the napkins and you don’t want them to tear. Also for the bottom of the egg, you will want to smooth it out real well, pushing air out and holding it down w/ your fingers. There is alot of napkin on the bottom so pushing it down, and smoothing it out helps add-here it all together.

then let them dry, they will harden real well. LOVE THEM!

You can embelish them more with ribbon and such. I used pastel colored rick rack from Walmart. I just decided on a design added glue and layed the rick rack over the glue, and let dry.

I displayed mine around my easter tree! the tree I got from Target 3 years ago, the easter ornaments my mom gave me some, and then I found even smaller ones at Michaels 3 years ago. I tied growgrain polka dot ribbon around some of the tree branches as well. I will be featuring my tree on LarsenLoves this Friday, (closer more detailed pics.) Thanks for stopping in!

thanks for stopping by, xo jen