Decoupaged Easter letter "E"

I picked up the Wood “E” at Roberts Crafts. I am sure most craft stores carry un-finished wood letters. I wanted an “E” for Easter.. you can have it for Eggs too. Let me begin with the tutorial …..

First~ use your wood “E” and trace it out on a napkin with a pen. Just be careful while tracing and cutting, as you are working with a thin napkin! I traced and cut out an “E” twice, I wanted extra coverage on the wood!

It should look like this when you are done! JUST LIKE THE WOOD “E” Then you will paint MOD PODGE on the wood, then gently lay the napkin “E” over the wood and apply another coat of MOD PODGE over the napkin. LET DRY!

THEN cut off the excess napkin with scissors. Its really easy the wood letter acts as a straight guide while cutting, or snipping!

LET THE mod podge dry, and then paint the wood that is still exposed.. I chose white. I didn’t paint the underneath or back…. but you can if you want.

thanks for stopping by, xo jen