xoxo letters

Pick up some fun un-finished wood letters at the craft store these are fairly big, not huge and not small…… THEN
paint them with your colors of choice, and design them how you like, and add some fun ribbon if you choose.
Then place the kiss hug letters in your designated spot. Mine is my  large shelf above my window.


  1. I LOVE this one!! Did you add water to the paint to make it look like that?

  2. NO water, just whispy like brush strokes to make it look no so perfect! 😉

  3. LOVE the polka dots, these are stinkin’ cute!!!

  4. oooo love this!!! I so need more hours in my day!!

  5. Hi! I found my way here through Tatortots and Jello and I am loving all your crafts! I was looking at this basket when I noticed the “Family Home Evening” plaque. Did you make it? Can you tell me more about it? I love it!

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