My son’s v-day cards~ I heart them!

HELLO there~ When I saw this idea on this BLOG, I new I was going to make them for BUB! Its so stinken cute, I was totally  in love. No more Transformers, Spongebob, or Spiderman 😉 Here is a how to:
I cut off the From Preston, because well, as you can see, its Preston! The tools you need!
make two wholes!
bub hold bub, and the sucker!
all “26” ready for a v-day party
and they are ready to go…..
THIS IS Mrs. Herrick’s Valentine from Preston. Now’ I am not sure if he loves her, but none the less its a Valentine gift she can put up in her home! I made this by cutting out vinyl from my cricut, and then, making a bow and hot glueing it to the charger.
here is the CARD TO go to Mrs. Herrick too!
SINCE i DID MAKE FOUR charger plates, I kept this one for me!


  1. Those are so cool! Wish I had seen this before my son’s party!

  2. Those turned out great.

  3. Those turned out great.

  4. omg!! lol those are the cutest valentine cards ever!! i am SOOO stealing that idea for next year!!

  5. Oh, I’ve seen these around and LOOOOOVE them. Great job!!

  6. So you’re the mom making all the rest of us look bad!! JK, those are adorable, I love them! We always do homemade cards but they always turn out not as i pictured! Love the new blog.

  7. I love those valentines! I was going to make them for my kids, but ran out of time. Yours turned out so cute!!!


  8. That is the CUTEST idea, I love how great they look. I really had to do a double take when I first saw them.

  9. I am going to have to make those next year for sure!! I just found your blog and love it. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  10. So cute! What a fantastic idea! And sure to stand out from the other Valentines without having to spend a lot of time or money! Love love love it! Saving it the idea for my future kiddos!

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