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My son’s v-day cards~ I heart them!

HELLO there~ When I saw this idea on this BLOG, I new I was going to make them for BUB! Its so stinken cute, I was totally  in love. No more Transformers, Spongebob, or Spiderman 😉 Here is a how to:
I cut off the From Preston, because well, as you can see, its Preston! The tools you need!
make two wholes!
bub hold bub, and the sucker!
all “26” ready for a v-day party
and they are ready to go…..
THIS IS Mrs. Herrick’s Valentine from Preston. Now’ I am not sure if he loves her, but none the less its a Valentine gift she can put up in her home! I made this by cutting out vinyl from my cricut, and then, making a bow and hot glueing it to the charger.
here is the CARD TO go to Mrs. Herrick too!
SINCE i DID MAKE FOUR charger plates, I kept this one for me!

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10 thoughts on “My son’s v-day cards~ I heart them!

  1. So you’re the mom making all the rest of us look bad!! JK, those are adorable, I love them! We always do homemade cards but they always turn out not as i pictured! Love the new blog.

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