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Valentine Heart Garland

to make this, I started by cutting out 3 3/4 cut hearts from my cricut. With paper of my choice, card stock is the best its thicker and has more give for stuffing. Then staple both sides of heart(s) mid-way up. Then with a tiny bit of newspaper stuff it in the top of the heart. Finish stapling the heart. YOU can attach the hearts to twine, ribbon, whatever you got. I used heavy duty glue dots to attach mine to the ribbon.

here is a small sample of it all finished. I HEART IT!

up close shot hung on mirror! LOVE MY HAND and camera in the pic. 😉

Here it is hung in the kids bathroom. I really  had no place to put it, so it ended perfectly hung and draped on the kids bathroom mirror. Here is a shot of it with the vanity  lights on.

Here is a shot in natural light. I think the kiddos will enjoy seeing this while brushing their teeth!

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