Smart Packaging to Protect your Heirlooms

Heirlooms are Oh’ so important? have you ever gotten something in the mail destroyed or broken GAH! today we are talking Smart Packaging to Protect you  Heirlooms. When faced with the frightening hypothetical of “what do you grab if you wake up and your home is on fire,” after all the people and pets in […]

Fall Porch and DIY Welcome Sign

Hi friends, I shared a sneak peek of my fall porch last week, but I wasn’t finished with it… and now I am YAY! Today I am sharing my Fall Porch and DIY Welcome Sign. I had this long board just sitting in my garage, (it looks like compressed particle board or something IDK)? Anyway, […]

DIY Glitter and Fabric Heart Earrings

Hi guys, today I am sharing a simple and sweet DIY project. Your girl(s) will love this! and did I mention how easy it is? I am sharing these darling “DIY Glitter and Fabric Heart Earrings!” What You Will Need: – Elmer’s Glue – Pink Fabric (or your color choice) –  Medium Glitter (your color […]