DIY Washi Tape with Words

Today you will see how I turned some Martha Stewart painter’s tape into some  
Washi Tape with Words!

What you will Need:

Martha Stewart Painters tape or regular painters tape
sheet protector or wax paper
stamp ink

This project IS SO EASY, and the pictures pretty much sum it up for ya. 

You can use the washi tape with words on cards, envelopes, paper striped straws, or around cute gathered treat sacks, or anything you fancy. 

 I started with all of this: the cute paper, envelope, card, and white clothes pin is all from Canvas Corp.

 Then I made a cute card using my 
“Hello Friend” Washi Tape with Words!”
cards and envelopes from CanvasCorp
 I wrapped two layers of the washi tape “hello friend” and two layers of the “hello” around a stick and then added some bakers twine.
 and I made it all as a cute gift to give to a………………. “FRIEND”

xo, jen



  1. super cute and economical!

  2. Great Idea! I’m going to try it out.

  3. Oh that turned out super cute!

  4. Great Idea!Super Cute…TFS

  5. I believe the art of writing a real card is gone, and I am wanting to do better about sending cards via snail mail. I LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. That’s a super-coolio- idea! You’re so inventive!!!

  7. Very cute and so clever!

  8. Love this! Way cute idea.

  9. Very cute. Love the colors and materials. I have yet to try the infamous Washi tape, but this just might inspire me enough to go get some!

  10. Super cute & creative!!!

  11. Now how cool is that?!?

  12. So cute!! You’re creative girl! Love it!

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