Free Valentine’s Printable

Since I am feeling extra lovey dovey at the moment, I thought I would share this sweet Free Valentine’s Printable that I made. Nothing to fancy and I didn’t make more then one, but I just think this saying is so sweet and I just love it so much. Designed and created by yours truly. […]

{Valentines Shelf of LOVE}

…. and since when did I say I was done decorating for Valentines? HE! here is just one other spot in my home that I fluffed up with some love. The little paper pennant I wrote “KISS ME” on you can see it much better in person. I was just to lazy to cut out […]

{Romantic Canvas Stamped Table Runner}

OK– So I realize that this “Romantic Display” looks more like something for a Wedding, and not Valentines. However, since I don’t decorate for our Anniversary, I can’t think of a better way then to display things in honor of the {{LOVE OF MY LIFE}} then to do it for VALENTINES. If it still inspires […]

Bubs and Bella’s "SWEET" Valentine Cards

Since my “Snickers Valentine” idea I created last year for my daughter, I was determined this year to do something just as clever and fun. I think I did pretty well and I am tickled with them, but MOST OF ALL…. MY KIDS ADORE THEM. My sister however, totally gets credit for the cute saying’s. […]

Valentine Decor {The Piano Top}

Today I have for you the top of my piano decorated for Valentines. I heart Valentines btw. I also have my chalk board with a sweet message written on it. Its fun to change out the messages. This year I wanted to keep things more simpler so I did my best to do just that. […]

Valentine Decor {The Hutch}

If you follow COM on FB then you would of read my question about decorating for Valentines yet? Well up until about 2 hours ago, I had nothing done, but now I have most all of it done. It was just to plain after Christmas, and besides Valentines comes early in February so now that […]