{{9/11 Reflection}}

Its TRUE -NONE- of us will ever forget that tragic day. I am like no other when I can tell you exactly what I did that dreadful morning…….
I was big and pregnant with my first born. My hubby had left super early that morning to work. I rolled (literally) my butt out of bed and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I flipped on the kitchen lights and began to make myself some breakfast. I reached for the remote and turned on the television. There I saw a large tower in flames. I assumed it was nothing (how naive) so I flipped to another channel, same thing, flipped to another channel, same thing. Finally I sat down on the couch with my cereal and paid attention. I was in emotional horror. I couldn’t finish my bowl of cereal. I sobbed. I ached for all those lives. All those innocent Americans. I hurt for the families whose loved ones were killed. I distinctly remember how lost I felt, as a new mother about ready to bring a child into the world. I thought, how could I bring a child into this kind of horror? I remember feeling so confused and without a doubt “Plain Terrified.” Like so many of you, its a memory of ache and sorrow. I can’t imagine those who did loose loved ones, and the immense suffering they have felt. 
I think of {All} those brave Fireman and Police officers doing what they have worked so hard to do… “SERVE AND PROTECT”! and they did just that.  I think of my husband today, and I couldn’t be a happier wife knowing my hubby does the same line of work. “To Serve and Protect.” I feel comforted knowing that on that day we rallied together like I have never seen our nation do before. Any kind of prejudice or pettiness was set aside. We were undoubtedly the most loving bunch of Americans I had ever seen or witnessed. I remember how peaceful the world felt, everyone seemed to want to reach out and help the best way they new how. As I have reflected on 9/11 today, and have watched broadcast tributes, read many blog posts… I can tell you now that we all know how to be some of the best “human{kind}” we can be. To pull together, love, and work beside one another when we really truly need it. That makes me so incredibly happy. 

I ask that you all love your family’s a little harder this evening and squeeze those precious children of yours. I won’t be putting COM Monday up until tomorrow morning. I want you to spend time with……
“THE BEST CRAFT” you have ever made… “YOUR FAMILIES.”

{I have never noticed this until now… as I looked at this picture… Notice the twin towers look like the number 11? certainly makes you think.}

xo and loves, jen


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I was hugely pregnant with my first baby too. It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago. May we always remember.

  2. Always remember, never forget…

  3. Wonderfully said, Jen. I feel just the same.

  4. Just wanted to share the first thing I thought of after seeing this picture you posted. Notice how the light shining through the towers gives the image of a cross?? That’s no coincidence. May God’s grace shine on those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

  5. My now 10 year old was a baby sleeping on my chest. Prayers still today and always.

  6. I never thought about them resembling No 11 before.

    The Bathtime Team

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