Rhodes Rolls Creamy Chicken Filled Bundles

Today I will be sharing this new recipe I tried and winged the other night and man did it turn out. It is so yummy, and the best part my kids devoured them and even had seconds. That’s a home run moms.  So what am I sharing with you? these delicious “Rhodes Rolls Creamy Chicken […]

Top Ramen Mother Approved Sauce

Hello friends, today I am sharing something you moms and dads I think will happy about and approve of  as well. “Top Ramen Mother Approved Sauce” and let me just say this first, these mom seasoned noodles are kid approved too! my kids always Ohhh and Ahhh if I make my rendition of Top Ramen. […]

Taco Salad – The Tastiest One!

Growing up there were always a few frequent recipes my ma made in the kitchen.. they were: spaghetti, burrito’s, sheppards pie, and taco salad. My ma always cooked delish dinners, but these seemed to be the go to ones, when ma didn’t perhaps know what else to make.    I loved my mas taco salad and […]

Chocolate, Butterscotch and PB Fudge Wreath

HELLO FRIENDS- Today I am sharing the best fudge ever!!! “Chocolate, Butterscotch and PB Fudge Wreath. I hate to toot my own horn, but this fudge is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The Fudge Wreath idea is originally from Rachel Ray, I saw her fudge wreath on Oprah years ago. I follow the basic recipe as […]

Eight Great Hot Cocoa Recipes

Oh’ the leaves are changing, the cool crisp air is all around, and the smell of fall is here. I adore hot cocoa and even more on a cold morning or cold evening. So today I am sharing Eight Great Hot Cocoa Recipes.  My kids love it as much as me, and it sure is […]

Top 10 Fall and Winter Soups

I love “Love” soup during the Fall and Winter, don’t you? So I can’t wait to share these Top 10 Fall and Winter Soups with you all. I love taking fresh ingredients and stuff I have in my pantry, and putting it all in the crock pot! talk about “Easy Cooking!” I mean there really is nothing better […]