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DIY Super Buddies Cupcakes

Have you heard of “ Disney’s Super Buddies? “well if you have kids particularly 8-10 yrs. and under.. they will love this movie. My “4” year old is obsessed and will play this darling Super Buddies DVD all day if I’d let him. HA!

Well WA-HOO- you all can own this epic tail from the creators of Disney Buddies on Blu-ray Combo Pack August 27th

First and For most (winks) All kids must know these.. 
Super Hero Rules:

Rule #1: You don’t have to have super powers to be a super hero.  
-Rule #2: A super hero must always conceal his identity to protect the ones they love.

Rule #3: A super hero is friend to any being in need of rescue.

Rule #4: A super hero does good for good, not for glory.

Well I wanted to make a fun treat in celebration of the fun new release of Disney’s Super Buddies. So I decided to make some Super Buddies Cupcakes. My whole family enjoyed these lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting embellished with super buddy power. We had them after a family evening of watching super buddies and eating popped popcorn.

These cupcakes were so easy! 

All you need is:
1- box of lemon cake mix
1- container of cream cheese frosting (any frosting of your choice!)
1- bag of medium semi sweet chocolate chips
1- bag of dark cocoa candy melts (check your baking isles)
1- box of strawberry fruit roll ups
1- bag of pull apart licorice ropes

Start by: baking your cupcakes. Let them cool and then frost them. Add your chocolate chip paw prints to one side of the cupcake. Next peel “2” pieces of your pull apart licorice. Cut that pulled of piece in half. Wrap it in a circle shape and place it on the cupcake. Then take your unwrapped fruit roll up and slice of about an 1/2 to 1 inch piece off the bottom. Next in a back and forth design create a fan like look to the top of the fruit roll up. Drape it on top of the cupcake and little over the bottom of the loop licorice “collar”! The fruit roll up should hang over the cupcake. Note: you can search for the different colored (sugary) licorice ropes and find the orange and blueberry fruit roll ups and make the capes different colors. I couldn’t find any extra licorice rope colors or fruit roll ups, but the different colors would be so cute too.

dun da da dah’.. and here they are:

Disney Super Buddies Cupcakes

Disney Super Buddies

Disney Super Buddies

Disney Super Buddies

As I mentioned above, your kids will love this movie. Pssssst, it would make a great Christmas gift, or stocking stuffer. 

Find Disney Super Buddies on 

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This was a paid post, but all opinions and pictures are mine!

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