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Kids Activity- Dress Up Costumes

Sprout and I want to invite you to play dress up with your kids and have fun with them. Make believe with your kids and pretend to go on an adventure, hey… “A Pirate Adventure!” Arghhh! Or Play crazy silly Scientists in the lab, whatever your kids would like. There are so many fun dress up ideas you can do with your children, and you may have most the items in your kids closets or toy boxes. If not, you can find most foam, felt, and inexpensive t-shirts, puffy paints and more at your major craft stores. Sprout was kind enough to send me a box of dress up costume supplies and stuff. I made a Scientist shirt and an eye patch for my two boys and used the other inexpensive stuff they sent me to complete there simple DIY costumes. We don’t need Halloween to have fun with our children, we can have fun with them any ole time.The moment I pulled out the box of costume supplies and asked my 4 year old if he wanted to be a pirate he was smiling ear to ear, and doing a monkey dance. “I had his undivided attention to say the least.” Then my 2 year old came right over, and he too was in awe, and together the two of them had a lot of fun getting dressed up and playing in their costumes.

DIY Felt Pirate Patch- Just cut out an eye patch shape, take your scissors and snip a tiny whole on each side and run some ribbon or elastic through it, and tie it in the back. 
I added a cute feather to a pirate foam hat. I think you can find these pirate foam hats at most craft stores. (perhaps check during the fall season!)

DIY Scientist/Lab shirt- Take a small or medium sized adult t-shirt. and cut off the bottom to fit the length of the child whom will be wearing it. Then cut down the center. Take two CD covers flip them over and hot glue them to the lab jacket. Boom- a scientist/lab coat. 

Argggggh matey’s its me Ryker and my sir pal Evin. We are off on a wild adventure searching these here land’s for awesome minerals for my pal Evin. Ahoy!




Now who wants to play dress up and get into, or make some fun costumes? You can dress up your kids too, and let them be who ever they want to be. Check out the fun costume catch game and new episodes of The Chica Show and see what Chica and her pals are up too. 
Have fun!

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