DIY Sewn Towel Pocket Used Three Ways

Hey friends, today I am bringing you a super “SUPER” easy “Straight Stitch”-DIY Sewn Towel Pocket Used Three Ways. For starters, go get your self some nice super thick towels. The ones I used are super luxurious JC Penney’s Liz Claiborne Micro Cotton towels. Both a wash cloth and a hand towel are needed. I think […]

Making Your Living Room A Home Entertainment Space

  Image Source Here Part of settling into a new home s about making the space inherently yours. If you’ve spent your entire life renting properties, but have now managed to scrape together money for a mortgage and moved into your own place for the first time, the options can be unlimited as to what you […]

Deciding Between DIY or Professional Interior Design

Image Source Here When it comes Deciding Between DIY or Professional Interior Design, many people choose to take matters into their own hands and completely DIY the whole thing. Doing a project entirely on your own can be fun and rewarding, and can often be more inexpensive than hiring a professional. However, it may sometimes be […]

DIY Bathroom Vanity Plus Makeover

Hi friends, its been sometime since I blogged a room makeover, do over, re-fresh, etc. Well one of mine and Kevs favorite projects we have done in our home is our “DIY Bathroom Vanity Plus Makeover.” All the inspiration for the space came pouring in when the most gorgeous copper sink and beautiful faucet came […]

DIY Make Your Own Home Office

If you work from home, or you take a lot of work home, it is not unreasonable to believe that you need a space exclusively designed for work – a home office. However, if you’ve never thought about one before, you may find yourself at a loss. Today it is all about DIY| Make Your […]

Stylish Design Trends To Set Your Kitchen Apart

Sometimes we don’t always  know what to do with our homes or even where to start. Today on COM it is all about “Stylish New Design Trends to Set Your Kitchen Apart.” Kitchen design is more important than ever before when it comes to making your home feel like a sanctuary. Modern family live centers […]