I made this {KEY FRAME) today. I used a really old frame that I painted black, a heavy (deadly) cast iron key, and burlap. After the frame was dry I just tied the burlap around the frame and through the key. Very easy, and I love how it looks.

I then worked on half a HUGE wall I am in the process of finishing… I cannot believe I have just used stuff from my home or stored away. The other half of the HUGE wall I will reveal later this week. The framed vinyl {L} was a giveaway i won last year. The fam. frame I distressed and added damask card stock as matting.

THE BIGGEST DELIMA with the right side of this wall…. is MY HUSBANDS OTHER wife… aka TV. How do you hang anything with a TV kiddie corner? NOT that easy. The tv has to go where its at as far as our furniture layout goes. So I had to find things aka move things in the house that fit the space above the TV. OH’ YES’ I will go to PARIS one day! THIS WALL is a {key} to all my loves and dreams! WINKS!

HERE IS THE “L” on the left side of the other HUGE WALL. I bought the “L” the way it is years ago, and just wrapped jute around it, tied a knot, and hung it. TIP: I always color my nail heads black with a sharpie marker, it looks much better then the silver nail head. Oh’ and if nobody can tell that are last name begins with the letter “L” by my many “L’s” then something is just plain wrong with ya! HA!

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  1. I love it! I can’t wait to see the rest. I understand how you feel about the TV. Ours is above the mantela and I REALLY don’t like it there becuase it limits my decorating 🙁

  2. Love it! I love keys and I like the simple presentation.

  3. What decorating talent you have! Your wall looks great! You’ve definitely given me some ideas!

  4. so cute. love your ideas.

  5. It looks great! I understand about the TV – not only do I have to arrange furniture around a TV (and cabinet it holds) but also my hubby insists on sitting DIRECTLY infront of it, leaving me little option for sofa placement too. 🙁
    You have done awesome with your wall. Love it!

  6. My last name starts with “L” as well! I want to make a big L for my wal like your black one:) Did you make yours or buy it? if so where did u buy it?
    xoxo, Mary

  7. So I have a set of old keys “somewhere” in my house and of course, this is like the third or fourth key project that I have seen … I am jealous! Looks totally fab!

  8. I just love that key! Where did you find it?

  9. I love how it looks too! 🙂 It’s so simple and understated, but so pretty.

  10. I must admit my heart kind of lurched when I read “my husband’s other wife”. Now that was funny! Love the KEY, LOVE IT! I would really like to do this with a huge key… gotta keep my eye out! jules

  11. Very cute !! i think that you should put the Paris picture ABOVE the TV so everytime the husband watches tv your dreams are staring back at him ! Love your blog !

  12. Everything looks great but I really love the key frame! Great job once again on your decor!

    Kelli @

  13. Yes perfect perfect perfect!!!! So darling!!

  14.' Anonymous says:

    Like your key. Our TV is in the corner too, but i built a rounded shelf from an old table top and placed on the wall behind it. can put pretty stuff there, just doesnt get dusted as much.

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