C.O.M. Fashion Friday- Spray Painted Earrings- {Cherry Red}

Here is the “Before” earrings- a rusty gold that when worn blended in with my hair and you could hardly notice them. I love them so much… that… “CHERRY RED and Roses” sounded perfect to me. Think of how many earrings you have that could be that much more fab. spray painted a color you […]

COM Fashion Friday – Darling Little Girl Boot Transformation

Athena from The Stuff OF Success is visiting COM today, to share with you her daughters CUTE BOOT TRANSFORMATION.  My daughter loves her boots.  She would literally wear them 24/7 – given the opportunity.  As a result they get completely worn down to nothing but she won’t let me get rid of them.  Here is […]

C.O.M. Fashion Friday- BOW T-shirt Re-Fashion

Hello there! My name is Donatella and I recently started my blog – inspiration&realisation – where I share my crafting and refashioning addiction. I still can’t believe that today I’m here at C.O.M. Fashion Fridays: somebody pinch me, please (not all at once)!! Would you like a great “wow-factor” t-shirt  with about 20 minutes of work? You’ve […]

C.O.M. Fashion Friday- {Sweater Re-Fashion from Flamingo Toes}

Hi! My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes! I’m so thrilled to be here as a part of Jen’s Fashion Fridays!! I have been wanting to do a sweater refashion for a while – and when I saw Ellie G’s over at Less Cake More Frosting – I knew the direction […]

C.O.M. Fashion Friday- {Painted Chevron Earrings}

*something new to report on c.o.m.* FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE ME ON FB you may of read that now on C.O.M “Fridays” I am going to do Hand Crafted, re-fashioned… “Fashion Fridays!” It can be anything you have made relating to fashion, or something you re-fashioned and I want to feature you!!! You […]