Chocolate Dipped Swedish Fish

Two of my all time favorite candies are 
“Chocolate & Swedish Fish!”

 I sometimes even buy the Dove mini chocolates and Swedish fish and enjoy them together. Well, I told my sister forever ago that I wanted to make chocolate dipped swedish fish… and we both said “YUM!” together. So today I made that happen. I combined two of my favorite treats, chocolate and swedish fish. These guys are so simple to make, 2 ingredients HELLO! They are a perfect sweet treat, Plus- how DANG CUTE would they be at a Dr. Seuss baby shower or birthday party, or a fish- under the sea, beach, or pool party. Seriously. So fun! 

I used some cocoa chocolate candy melts
a bag of swedish fish
some tooth picks 
and sprinkles (optional)
chocolate dipped sweedish fish
Start by stabbing the fish “tail” ends with tooth picks. Then dip them into your melted and stirred candy melts. Spin the fish around letting off excess chocolate, and then lay them on a lined cookie sheet. Add sprinkles to some or all, then place them on a cookie sheet. Put your cookie sheet in the fridge and let them chill for about a hour hour. Enjoy!

chocolate dipped sweedish fish

These will light up anyone’s face, especially kids faces! 
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