WayFair DIY Challenge Before and After Coffee Table

A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to participate in a WayFair DIY Challenge? I was totally on board. So I was to pick out one piece of furniture out of three options, and I choose to re-vamp a coffee table. What fun it was to put my own spin on […]

BOYS ROOM Phase 2 – {The Bed Part 1}

Here is the boys room theĀ  “FLOATING LOFT BED” My hubby has made this all on his own, and has done a darn good job. I am way impressed. He started by drilling 2×4’s into the wall into studs. Once the 2 2×4’s were drilled into the wall, he then drilled some wholes down into […]

BOYS ROOM Phase 1 – {The Book Nook}

I am sharing a sneak peak of some changes going on in my boy’s room. THE {HUGE} project (that you can see a wee bit of) won’t be finished for a few more weeks, but its going to be so freaking awesome…and if you are thinking loft floating bed… YES’ but there is so much […]