WayFair DIY Challenge Before and After Coffee Table

A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to participate in a WayFair DIY Challenge? I was totally on board. So I was to pick out one piece of furniture out of three options, and I choose to re-vamp a coffee table. What fun it was to put my own spin on it.

So here are some before and afters. I also did a little before and after on the side of my son’s crib, creating a fun little learning/reading nook. 
THE MAKING OF THE TABLE: I started by picking out some favorite “boy” looking paper from Canvas Corp. I then figured out a pattern, and cut and trimmed the paper to size. I then modpodged the back of the paper and let it dry completely. (both modpodge and brush are from Plaid.) I then modpodged the top of the paper and let it dry. Next I sanded all around the edges of the table and around the modpodged paper. I sanded all the legs too. I then created a glaze two different acrylic paints dark brown and a little black mixed with a splash of water. I stirred up the glaze and wiped it on the table over the sanded areas using some paper towels. Wipe on and wipe off how much you want or don’t want. Lastly I took some metal wheel gears used for/in scrapbooking and hot glued them over the screws on all four legs. Then I was then done. 


BOTH my little boys LOVE THIS FUN SPACE! 

one of the WayFair drawers holds lego’s and they can build lego’s on top of the table as well. 

Thank you WayFair and thank you all for stopping by.