15 Colorful Master Bedrooms

Colorful rooms are so fun! They are bright, happy, and extremely inviting. Sometimes it can be a little nerve wracking to even think about adding lots of color to a room. Especially a master bedroom! You want all those pops of color, but also want it to all work together. This list of colorful master […]

Teen Boy’s Star Wars Room Part 1

Hi friend’s. Today I am sharing my teen sons “Star Wars” bedroom. I have two more walls in his room that I need to finish, so that will be in Party 2. However, I’m also sharing some super easy Star Wars night light’s if you have younger boys. My son uses his to store money, […]

Master Bathroom Paint Color and Decor

Hi guys, my hubby and I decided to paint an accent wall in our master bathroom. Yeah! We used some turqouise paint we had along with some white paint we had, and merried the two together or a pretty light turquoise/blue shade. This was a very simple project/face lift to any wall space, and can […]

Master Bedroom Paint Makeover

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware. Hello, friends. I am back, and as I have mentioned in a previous paint post, I have partnered up with Ace Hardware for the next few months to show you how paint can really transform a space […]

10 Colorful Kids Bedrooms

Today’s post is all about color! who here loves possibly “adores” color? me! so today its about “10 Colorful Kids Bedrooms“. I tell you, everytime I try to decorate with just neutrals (which I so love and appreciate) I end up throwing in some color somewhere in the space. I just can’t have it neutral […]

Environmentally Friendly Cotton

Today on COM its all about Fair Trade Cotton 101 aka Environmentally Friendly Cotton.   “Fair trade” is a phrase which is used frequently in today’s eco-friendly world. Every concerned global citizen wants fair trade coffee to go with their ethically-sourced muffins at breakfast. However, there are fair trade options for many commodities, including cotton. What is […]