DIY Sprinkle Sealed Fortune Cookies

Hello Craft-O-Maniac readers! I’m Kelly from Smart School House and today I have a SUPER cute and SUPER sweet treat to share with you: Sprinkle Sealed Fortune Cookies are the most adorable way to share a sweet treat! They are so colorful and so tasty. Plus, who doesn’t LOVE reading their fortune on the inside? […]

Chocolate Raspberry Filled Cupcakes with Homemade Hershey’s Chocolate Frosting

Hey Guys- So the cake I made yesterday here had plenty of left over cake batter, so I knew I had to use it. I mean, I couldn’t possibly WAIST a bowl full of Devils Chocolate Cake Mix.. no could I? These cupcakes are DIVINE, but TRULY WHAT MAKES THEM, is the raspberry filling and the decedent creamy […]

Top 10 Delicious Pies

My mouth was watering terribly throughout this post, no joke!  I am dreaming for a piece of any of these Top 10 Delicious Pies.  I must call up my mama and request a homemade pie, or at least have her assist me in making one. 😉 So I was thinking, with Thanksgiving, and Christmas ahead of us, and all […]

The Best Banana Nut Bread

I truly love baking and I don’t do it often enough, so I had to get my bake on stat, so today I am sharing  “The Best Banana Nut Bread!” I do tend to do a lot more baking around the fall, I mean’ its the perfect time of year to do it…  I know […]