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Halloween COOKIE sheet Advent Calender

I MADE THIS LAST YEAR~ BUT want to do a totally new one this year. However, here is the one from last year. Made of candy, sticker’s, and “peeking” googly EYES!

I used a cookie sheet, scrap paper I had, orange gift wrapping ribbon (come on’ I was using what I had) candy, glue stick, glue dots, and magnets. Start by gluing or mod podging down your cut to size scrap paper. Then outline your calender with pen, string, ribbon, whateves, and then use magnets and hot glue your goodies/trinkets to them, and place them on the calender for the 31 day count down!  This one I had put together pretty quickly because when I get anxious and want something done I just WANT IT DONE. If I took more time the ribbon lines would of been more evenly spaced. (This year i will PAINT it and do it on the inside of the cookie sheet. )

My kids loved it, and whatever one I do this year I am sure they will love too.


I have linked up with Sunday Showcase at Under The Table and Dreaming HERE.

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