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7 Reasons Why You Should Try Digital Staging

Everywhere you look, you’ll find something digital or someone talking digital. There are clearly some huge perks to digital progress in various fields, ranging from medical to financial online services.

Even the real estate business has benefitted from the technology with, for example, virtual tours and digital staging. The idea is to make it easier to view properties and make decisions about them. If you’re still not convinced, check out this virtual staging service with its stunning portfolio of staged photos. 

7 Reasons to Try Digital Staging

If you still haven’t tried then these reasons should at least pique your curiosity: 

1- Easy and No Heavy Lifting 

Not all digital tools are easy to use. You can rest assured though that virtual staging services are very easy for anyone. You actually have a choice between doing it yourself through a virtual staging online app or by working with a virtual home staging team.

Either way, both options are easy to do. But, bear in mind that the best virtual staging companies can also give you tailored advice that you don’t get with online apps. 

If you’re selling your property then digital staging gives you a higher chance of success. Usually, physical staging is the primary go-to solution. Although, this option obviously involves renting and moving furniture around. On the flip side, virtual staging is very versatile.

You can even change your mind about the design after you see the staged photos. Most virtual staging services can turn around new images in 48 hours or less for emergency cases. Moreover, no one needs to come into your home which makes the whole virtual staging solutions process far less disruptive. 

2- Highly Cost-Effective 

In general, you can expect to pay virtual staging, on average, 30 to 50 dollars per photo. Although, this can go up to several hundreds of dollars depending on the virtual staging services you choose.

Either way, this is in huge contrast to the several thousand you’d have to pay for physical furniture. It’s also worth bearing in mind that digital staging isn’t just about taking photos of rooms.

It can also be applied to floor plans such that you can easily move walls around to show the potential of any property. Virtually staged floor plans are clearly much easier to create than by paying designers to draw up new physical plans for you. In terms of the best approach, all real estate agents will know the optimal floor plan design.

3- Boost your Property Selling Price

Around a quarter of virtually staged homes in 2021 sold for an extra 1 to 5%, according to the National Association of Realtors. Half of the buyers were also positively impacted by staged photos.

So, whilst virtual staging clearly can’t guarantee you specific numbers for your sale, it does help you create a warm and welcoming home. In fact, 82% of agents said it was easier for buyers to visualize living in virtually staged properties. This helped speed up the sale. 

4- Speed up your Property Sale 

Empty rooms always look cold and bizarrely small. This is because there’s no point of reference so we struggle to see the reality of the space. You might therefore find potential buyers hesitating because they can’t quite picture their large wardrobe into the bedroom.

On the other hand, staged photos help people visualize what’s possible with space. This means that they can generally make decisions more quickly. Furthermore, your virtual staging company will apply its interior design know-how to make your space beautiful with its virtual furniture. No potential buyer will be able to resist.

5- Declutter and Customize 

The best part of digital staging is that you don’t have to tidy up or remove all your knick-knacks. The virtual staging software does that for you. It’s completely flexible so you can change the color of the walls, add in new rugs and remove outdated furnishings.

Although, this is where working with a virtual staging company is highly beneficial. Their teams usually consist of both digital software experts as well as graphic designers. They’ll know the latest trends and will be able to advise you on the best design style per image for your potential target buyer. 

6- Coordinate with Buyers 

Interested buyers often need a little nudge. Of course, your real estate agent will know how to do this by virtually staging your home. Regardless, a virtual staging company can also potentially assist you.

Consider the situation where you have a buyer who’s being indecisive because they’re not sure that their furniture will fit into your property. With such low prices and quick turnaround times, why not make some specially staged photos for that buyer?

Naturally, you’ll have to gauge how interested your buyer really is and if it’s worth the extra photos. Nevertheless, it might get that buyer over the line. 

7- Planning your Next Life Event

It’s worth noting that virtual staging has many uses, not just for real estate. Imagine planning a wedding with virtual staging? It would be so much easier to see what the room would look like and where all your guests would be seated with staged photos.

Perhaps you can even combine showing life events on your staged photos for your property? Depending on the property, people often enjoy organizing life events in their homes and gardens. 

Final Recommendations for Digital Staging 

The key highlights are that virtual staging is easy to do and very cost-effective. As a tool, it’s there to help you and your viewers to see what’s possible.

When it comes to real estate, this gives you an edge in terms of selling price and time to sell. In fact, with a virtual staging team by your side, you’ve got another set of experts to make sure you sell your property as successfully as possible. 

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