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How to Properly Store a Refrigerator in a Storage Unit

Moving a refrigerator into a storage unit requires lots of preparation. It’s not as easy as packing and moving clothes or home appliances. You have to prepare the fridge first before moving it.

 It is also advisable to find a storage provider beforehand. This way, you don’t have to do double work by having to clean and prepare your refrigerator again for storage. 

Choosing the right storage facility for your refrigerator
It would be advisable to find a storage unit that is located close to where you live if you are planning to store a refrigerator and any other heavy items.

To find storage providers that are close to you, click on storage near me. Also, consider the size of the storage unit. If you have a large refrigerator, you might need to rent a larger storage unit. 

Tips on how to properly store a refrigerator:

Defrost your refrigerator

The first thing you should do to prepare your refrigerator for storage is to unplug it and defrost it. Make sure that the refrigerator is completely empty.

There should be no food items or anything else in it. Give it ample time to completely defrost. You should consider placing a rag or towel underneath the unit to protect your floors from spillage. This is particularly important if you have wood floors. 

Clean it thoroughly

Once the refrigerator is completely defrosted, use warm water and soap to clean it. Make sure that you clean the inside and outside thoroughly. If there are cobwebs at the back of the refrigerator, use a vacuum cleaner or a towel to remove them. 

Avoid using solvents or harsh cleaning products that may damage the surface of the refrigerator. Also, use a sponge or towel when cleaning the refrigerator and not something abrasive. 

Remove all the inner compartments  

Remove all the drawers and shelves before moving the refrigerator into your storage unit. Store them in plastic boxes. If you decide not to remove the compartments, make sure to shut them with tape to avoid damaging the inside of the unit. 

Prepare for the move

Unless your refrigerator is super small, you will need a second pair of hands to help you move your unit. If it is large and heavy, consider hiring professional movers to do it for you. 

Another thing to be aware of is that it’s best to transport your refrigerator when it’s upright. You can transport it on its side or laying down flat, but only if you are going a short distance.

It is not advisable to transport a refrigerator this way as this may cause the compressor to burn out. 

Dry it thoroughly
Once the refrigerator is safe and sound in your storage unit, keep it upright. Make sure that it is completely dry. A useful tip is to place a small amount of baking soda inside to absorb excess moisture. Alternatively, you can take off the doors or leave the doors open to ensure that the unit dries completely.

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