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How to Stay Sane on a Long Plane Ride

How to Stay Sane on a Long Plane Ride.. especially this holiday season. 

Getting to take a long flight is thrilling in idea; before you have to step onto the plane, you may feel energized and ready. Still, the reality of any flight longer than three hours is that they’re a bore!

You can only handle so much ocean or farmland out the window before you get bored out of your mind. Instead of losing it, here are some ideas of things to keep you sane on a long flight!

Bring Your Favorite Movies
Whether you save them to your computer, tablet, or phone: load up your devices on some of your favorite movies! Some flights still show their own selection of movies, but often these are films you’ve already seen or movies you never had any intention of viewing.

Bringing your own will keep you entertained for longer and ensure you don’t get stuck watching something you don’t want.

Keep Chargers On Hand, And Fidget
Although generally, it’s not a good idea to have a bunch of screens going at once, since the attention span can only take so much- go for it while you’re flying! Bring enough chargers so that you can fidget with apps on your phone while you watch movies on your tablet or laptop.

These will help you fill your brain with enough noise that you won’t get bored. The only problem with this plan is that you won’t gain anything from this method.

Nap if Possible
This plan may be more simply said than done, but any flight longer than four hours calls for a nap! You can take a sleeping pill if you’re worried about being able to fall asleep, but it’s a better idea to try and fall asleep naturally.

Most sleeping pills’ effects last longer than the average flight and might leave you groggy at your destination. Skip this by trying to make your sleep come more naturally.

Bring Some Work
Whether you’re looking at Calgary homes for sale or needing to go over sales reports for work, busy work is a great way to keep brains active. Thinking about whether or not the numbers add up or changes are okay to put through will help the time pass by more quickly.

You’ll also gain some pride in your hard work by the end of the flight, which means you could step out of the plane proud and excited to keep going.

Learn New Things
Pick a topic you don’t know much about yet, but want to, and study up while you fly! You can take free courses through schools like Harvard and learn things that you wouldn’t have time for otherwise.

Make sure to take it seriously, bring a notebook, and have a good time! Learning activates parts of our brain that fully distract us.

Upgrade For Internet
Although you may think you can go for six to eight hours without the internet if it’s available for purchase, you should go for it. The internet distracts like nothing else and offers you access to sites that can help you learn, let you flirt with people, or distract you with random humor.

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