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Personal projects to pass the time


Since the lockdown was put in place to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, many of us have had a lot more time on our hands than usual – and it’s sometimes hard to know what to do with it. If you’re someone that is struggling to come up with ideas of what to do to pass the
time, allow us to help.

Although some days you may feel completely unmotivated, if you set yourself small goals, there is no doubt that you will feel a great sense of achievement after you have accomplished the tasks. Here are some examples of personal projects that you can set yourself to make the days go quicker.

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Have you always wanted to be able to run 5 kilometres without stopping? Or perhaps you have dreamed of perfecting a fantastic headstand? No matter whether you want to complete a marathon or simply get more steps in every day, now is the perfect time to be more active.

Campaigns such as the NHS’ Couch to 5K are a great place to start. Bodyweight HIIT sessions on YouTube are also worth checking out – these resources are completely free and require no equipment, meaning you can begin straight away!

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Home renovations
Sick and tired of the color in your bathroom? Hate the furniture in your bedroom? Think your lounge could be a cosier space? If social distancing has you stuck inside not knowing what to do, why not carry out some home renovations yourself?

Now that you have the bandwidth to pick up a hobby, make it one that benefits the home that you live in and start getting creative!

Start by looking for inspiration online. These days, there are many Instagram accounts that provide numerous ideas to update your home. Pinterest is also full of amazing content and allows you to pin things you like so that you can come back to them later.

Upcycle your dated furniture by following DIY videos and support local businesses – if they’re open – by buying the various necessities you require to make it look beautiful again.

When you’re finished with the inside, move outside into the garden. Cut back unruly plants, mow the lawn, and use a pressure washer to help the slabs or stones shine again. Once you’re finished, you can sit back and admire your work.

Purchasing all the necessary tools to do up your house could soon get costly, so before you set about renovating, ensure that you have considered all your financial options.

What projects are you going to take up during this period?

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