Factors to Consider When Choosing Tiles

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The smallest details leave a tremendous impact on your living space. This also applies to the types of tiles you choose for the different rooms and places in your homestead.

Unsurprisingly, picking the right floor and wall tiles considers a lot. It is a big commitment which you ought to make the best decisions as you may have to live with the tiles for a long time. This is a decision you do not want to rush.

Such things require one to take their time and consider numerous factors first. But this does not mean it is not an overwhelming experience. So how do you correctly choose the right tiles for your space?

Well, for starters, to avoid such costly mistakes, you ought to undertake some careful planning and research. While at it, you will come across various types, which may also make you hit a roadblock as you do not know which one to take. To help you further, we have compiled some of the factors to consider when buying tiles.

1. The type and pattern used.
Here are the most popular tile styles of the year and what they imply:
 Contemporary – sleek and fashionable
 Patterns – these are fun to have and are mainly placed strategically to pass a message
 Coastal – this perfect for cottages and creates a beach-like environment)
 Country kitchen – if you want something rustic and appears cozy, then this is your choice
 Wood-look tile – these tiles try to emulate wood finishes are ideal for living room areas
 Mosaic tile – this is a highly customizable piece
 Pops of color – they depict style, fun, and how creative one can be
 Split face – these are used on various parts to create a focal point in the room

When trying to search online and through magazines for high-quality tiles, do not go against the design of your home; instead, work with whatever you have and improve on it.

2. Tile size
Small-sized tiles are best suited for smaller regions of the house, such as bathrooms, toilets, and in some cases, kitchens.

3. Room size
Large tiles make the room appear bigger and much airier. A smaller room installed with large tiles appears bigger, making it a trick used by developers, especially in the cities.

Moreover, smaller rooms require lighter tiles as they not only make it look bigger but also help in allowing more light to be reflected from inside. Darker tiles are more suited for larger rooms as the size of the room can leverage them.

4. Color
What is the general mood you wish to achieve from your room? There are different tiles which set the atmosphere as per your preferences. Do you want more vibrant colors for your kitchen or a relaxing feel in your bathroom? Choose colors that blend in well with the rest of your interior decor.

5. Grout
One of the most overlooked features is the grout color. A contrasting grout will accentuate the lines and the design. A grout color that complements the color of the tiles provides a subtle effect.

High-quality tiles do not allow room for staining, too, so you should take your time in choosing them.

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