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Mold Removal Process

Mold growth is very common in places with high humidity and moisture. It is also common after a building or home has suffered from water and fire damage. Molds cannot be removed completely because microscopic mold spores live naturally in the air, be it indoors or outdoors.

However, since they thrive on moisture they can quickly start growing into colonies on a surface, which is warm, dark, and moist.

While molds cannot be removed, a qualified mold removal company will kill the growing mold colony and get the mold spores level back to its natural percentage.

What to Remember
Remember that before you call for a mold removal expert, you must address the root cause of the mold growth. It could be anything, such as water damage, water leak, dark and humid space where sunlight doesn’t enter, or any other cause. If the cause isn’t addressed, mold may return.
You have to have to keep the humidity level inside your house or office below 45% to prevent mold growth.

Process of Mold Removal
Mold Removal is not a complex process. But it may have to be repeated in case of extreme contamination. While the process is simple, exposure to mold can cause harmful effects.

Therefore, one must take precautions before dealing with molds. Here’s what you need to do if you observe mold growth in your house:

Inspect the Mold Growth
Check the source of the mold development and how strong is it contaminated. If it is due to a leaking pipe or poor ventilation, address the problem.

If it is mild contamination, you can treat the area with store-bought mold removal chemical or you can make your own solution using baking soda, ammonia, or vinegar.

P.S.: Wear proper gears before you start the remediation process. The mold spores can produce allergic reactions, such as cold, cough, itchy eyes, runny nose, and skin irritation. Therefore, cover your skin, nostrils, eyes, hands and legs, and mouth before you proceed.

Call for Emergency
If the molds have manifested for a very long period, you must hire a professional mold damage removal company to help cleanse it out. Molds inside insulation, underneath carpets, and in crawl spaces and cabinets can be hard to reach and remove.

The professionals usually have the right knowledge, expertise, and tools to identify the level of contamination and the type of mold, and then plan a removal process.

Most water damage removal companies provide mold remediation services. So, if the mold formation is because of water damage, the company will be able to address both.

Notify the Insurance Provider
Your home insurance policy will most likely cover mold remediation. So, notify them before you start the cleaning process so that they can register the claim. You will be able to cover 90% of the entire cost with the insurance claim money. Remember to click pics of the contaminated surface as evidence for the insurance claim procedure.

Steps to Remove Mold
– Discard all the porous items that are affected by mold.

– Spray the solution over the mold growth surface generously.

– Let the area dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

– Place newspaper underneath the surface to collect mold debris.

– Scrape the mold growth with a hard-bristled brush thoroughly.

– Repeat the process two or more times for tough growth.

– Dispose of the newspaper and the used tools and gears in a garbage bag.

– Ventilate the area, dehumidify the surface, and place a lamp to kill any lingering mold

Every mold development needs different remediation techniques. If the growth hasn’t spread much, you can do it yourself with DIY home remedy.

If the area is highly contaminated with mold, that has covered a large area, you must hire a licensed mold growth remediation company to cleanse the space and sanitize it.

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