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How to Create the Perfect Space for Online Classes

Your study space has a significant impact on your studies. After all, the average college student spends about six hours a day studying. This is true whether you’re taking classes at a brick or mortar school or an online class.

However, the requirements for a study space if you’re taking classes online are a little different than they are in other cases. Let’s learn how to create the perfect space for online classes.

Choose the Right Study Spot

The first thing you’ll have to do is find a spot that you actually like. However, it should be a place that is far from distractions, but that is also conducive to work. It should be away from the noise of a busy family. Also, it should not be a place that is too cozy as it might push you to procrastinate.

Yet it can’t be in a dark, dingy corner or another location that adds to your stress level. Try to find a study spot that has the right environment. It shouldn’t be too hot or cold.

It shouldn’t subject you to loud noises or nasty smells. After all, those things are a distraction in and of themselves. Try to maximize natural light to create the right atmosphere.

However, you don’t want to be tempted to look out the window. Have enough light to comfortably read, but don’t have the light shining in your face. If you still want to have some sort of connection with nature, one thing that you could do is add some plants.

Creating a beautiful landscape indoors will create a pleasant area that will allow you to concentrate. Another thing you could consider is adding a few water features. Not only will these be beautiful to look at, but their soothing sound will add a natural backdrop that will prevent the space from being too dull.

Keep It Simple

Studies have found that having one place to study is important. Don’t try to study in the coffee shop, library and living room, as you’ll be surrounded by distractions. Furthermore, having a single study space puts you in the right frame of mind.

Your study space should be dedicated to studying, though this is especially important for nursing leadership courses that demand a lot of interactions and concentration.

Determine what you need in your study space like the device you use to connect to online courses. Then remove all of the distractions. Don’t fill your desk with organizers and shelves full of unrelated materials, and don’t try to use the space for things like hobbies or relaxing.

This may distract you from your studies. A minimally furnished area gives you time and space to focus on your studies.

Note that the desk and chair need to be ergonomic. Since you’re going to sit there for several hours a day, it needs to be comfortable. In fact, back pain and other issues can make it hard to concentrate.

Optimize the monitor distance, desk height and other factors for productivity and health.

Have a Dedicated Time for Studying

You also need to create some time in your schedule for studying. Set scheduled times for school work and attending online classes so that you always get the necessary time in.

For example, you could plan on studying at 9am every morning or at 3pm in the afternoon for the necessary amount of time to get your work done.

Use timers or apps to remind you of your study commitments and how much longer you have to study. If you take a break, use the same tools to limit your browsing so you don’t waste an hour on social media that you were supposed to spend on studying.

Furthermore, you should turn off your phone so you aren’t distracted by messages and phone calls. If you don’t turn off the phone, at least put it in airplane mode. Then you won’t be distracted from your studies by someone’s latest social media post.

Consider Your Own Mindset

Sometimes you need to take steps to get yourself in the right mood to study effectively. For example, if you sit down at your desk wearing pajamas, you may not take the study session seriously.

Getting dressed in business casual clothing might give your mind the signal that you need to study instead of lounge around. Don’t make things so formal that you’re uncomfortable, since that is a distraction you don’t need.

Create a Positive Vibe

Studying can have negative associations. However, you can and should work to create a positive “vibe” in the study space. Motivational posters are one tactic. Another is posting a reminder of why you’re studying.

As a healthcare student, you could put up mantras about how this will help you save patients, further your career, earn more money or make a major difference in the world.

This can be as simple as a picture of your family. Then you’re reminded of your desire to support them and have
more time with them every time you look at it.

You can also take steps to remove the negative aspects of the space. For example, clean up the clutter, so it isn’t a source of stress or distraction. Find ways to reward yourself for studying, too.

Equip yourself with all necessary supplies

As you undertake an accelerated BSN program online, you need to prepare yourself with everything that you would typically need in a traditional type of study. Some of the essential supplies include a PC or tablet, notepad, pen, and papers, among many others.

Your study space should also have outlets for all your computing devices, which include a surge protector, a power cord, and high-speed internet access.

You may also need to get a pair of headphones, especially if you’ll be having online discussions and meetings. Headphones will also come in handy to block out any distractions.

Use Music when Appropriate

You may want to play soft music while you study. This could block out the ambient noise and distractions around you, and the right choice of music could subtly drive you to work harder.

The wrong choice of music will hurt you, though. For example, if you’re singing to the lyrics or dancing to the music, you aren’t studying. This makes classical music an ideal choice.

You aren’t distracted from words on a page by words in the music. If you don’t want to listen to music, use an ambient noise machine instead.

Creating a dedicated study space with the right design elements should be considered essential to your academic success. While it takes some time, effort and discipline, it will pay off in the end.

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