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How Homes in Atlanta, GA Can Protect Attic from Water Damage

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Water damage can be quite stressful, especially when the water penetrates in hard-to-reach areas. If your building is porous, it becomes even harder to remove absorbed water completely.

Water absorption is the unseen offender that can cause more damage to a property than stagnant water. So unless the moisture is removed from deep within the walls, the penetrated water can ruin the building material and propagate them to continue to absorb more water, eventually creating a bigger problem.

Attics and Water Damage
The attic is one of the few places that are ignored by us when water damage hits our home. It is deemed as a less concerned place, while the truth is just the opposite.

The attic is as much vulnerable as other parts of the house, and in many cases reported by homes in Atlanta GA, water damage in the attic are usually caused by roof leaks, which led to an unexplained weakened foundation.

Therefore, it is quite crucial to prevent attic from water damage. Here’s how you can do it:

Keep Your Roof Healthy and Sturdy
Roof leak due to torrential rainfall is the main reason for water-damaged attics. You must see to it that your house’s roof is in good condition and address any repair, such as broken and loosened brick immediately.

A roofing contractor can help you look after your house roofs with regular inspection and timely waterproofing. Their work includes removing debris, mud, clay, broken limbs, and dead leaves, trimming tree branches scratching the roof, and cleaning drain water gutters.

You must also make sure that the gutters’ downspouts are properly directed away from your home.

Repair Damaged Property Instantly
A stitch in time saves nine is the ideal saying that you must stress here. We suggest you hire a roofing contractor and subscribe to their scheduled repair and maintenance program.

The roofing contractors inspect your roof during their regular visit and identify places that need fixing. If you are handling repairs yourself, make sure you check the shingles, cracks, gutters, or any joints that could be missing or damaged.

Fix problems immediately to avoid untimely water damage.

Employ Ventilation and Insulation
Ventilation and proper air circulation will release any moisture trapped in your attic walls. Trapped moisture is the main reason for mold growth and structural damage.

You must take care of your roofs especially in the winter and rainy season when the warm air rises and the climate turns humid.

Warm and humid air tends to enter the attic and condenses quickly due to attics’cold surface. If no proper air circulation is available, the condensed air can trap forever and convert into moisture, which can eventually damage to the property.

Ice dams are another reason why we stress on adequate ventilation in winter. Ventilated attics will remain warmer from the outside, stopping ice dams from developing on the roof.

On the other hand, you have to ensure that your attic insulation is thick, soft, and dry. You must avoid insulation that is thin and flat for it can retain high levels of moisture.

Heed the help of water damage restoration professionals to address, clean, dry, and restore any water damage scenario.

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