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Eco-Friendly DIY Decor Ideas For Your House

There are a few better feelings related to updating your home and loving the results. Updating doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be creative and exciting, and it can even be cheap.

With a new era of Do-It-Yourself techniques aided by the popularity of Pinterest, as well as a move
towards a more sustainable way of life, recycling goods you already have and using them anew isn’t only great for the planet, but also your home!

Interior decorating is a personal journey that can be incredibly individual. Your space is a reflection of yourself after all. If you’re looking to be eco-friendlier in your daily life and find a way to update your space for a minimal cost, try out these tips.

One Person’s Trash Is…
Another person’s treasure. If you live in a metropolis, you’ve likely seen all kinds of goodies and dilapidated goods. As long as you’re smart about what’s best left as trash and what could be re-purposed, you could have some seriously cool new additions to your house for next to

While there’s the old trick of picking up furniture that’s been left on the street, a lot of those goods have been used to their absolute limit. Luckily, in some wealthier neighborhoods, there may be some homeowners who would rather not go to the trouble of selling or hauling away old furniture, and would instead leave it for someone else to deal with. That someone could be you!

In major cities like LA, New York, and Boston, people are constantly ditching furniture this way. Another great method of finding gently used home goods is via Craigslist.

Along the lines of being too lazy or overwhelmed to properly sell an item, some posters will be giving away an
entire apartment or house’s worth of goods for very little.

As long as you have a way to pick these goods up, you should be golden. There’s even a section for goods that are exclusively
given away for free, which is the best deal there is.

Faking It ‘Till You Make It
Not everyone is an artist, but there are fun and creative ways to re-purpose goods for art’s sake. Like those on Pinterest and Etsy, there are a ton of DIY tips and tricks that will spruce up your home and get your creative juices flowing.

For example, some lighting can be re-purposed and used in different ways. You can make lamps out of anything these days if you have a solid strand of lights or bulbs. You can even use your old Christmas lights to decorate your backyard.

As far as art pieces go, there are many ways in which you can create your own art for your space.

You can frame certain posters that have been lying around, and you can use household items like string, wire, metal, and other found materials to create installations and accessorize the house.

People are even using aluminum and copper foil tape to create paintings. There’s no end to the creative and eco-friendly ways you can re-purpose.

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