Classic Furniture Collections for Modern Comfort

Today it is all about “Classic Furniture Collections for Modern Comfort.”

Thinking of redecorating your home or simply in the mood to buy some stylish new furniture? When furnishing your home, it is very important to first decide what the overall mood or theme of your house or of a certain room would be as this would be the major consideration when finally buying each piece of furniture.

Although a lot of homes are now into the clean and sleek style of modern furniture, classic and traditional pieces here and there would definitely add oomph to your home. Just be careful not to overdo it with the classic pieces if you are decorating a small room as it can make your room feel tight and stuffy.

In terms of classic style of furniture, these are mostly made with woods such as mahogany and cherry which are both rich and warm. Bronze and brass are also commonly used in rooms decorated in a classic style. They also tend to be more ornate, using velvety fabrics, as well as rich silk and dark woods. Keep this in mind when picking out your classic furniture.

There are several styles of classic furniture collections to choose from.

Georgian – Defined by characteristics which are designed to match the Neo-Palladian architectures favoured by the aristocracy. It is characterised by the use of luxurious fabrics, gold and silver gilding, ironwork and intricate plasterwork.
Georgian furniture often used mahogany, and key pieces include side tables, drink cabinets, and bookcases.

Louis XV – said to be the period of extraordinary creativity, furniture of this period were mostly influenced by royal mistresses;
Furniture are practical, mobile, and curves and asymmetry in terms of design were common; doves and dolphins were common motifs and oriental designs were also incorporated.
Solid wood furniture were made of oak or walnut, although some also used cherry, ash, plum, chestnut, and olive.

Tudor – every surface is enriched with carved, turned, inlaid, and painted decoration inspired by the English Renaissance.
Tudor style furniture consists of beautiful woodwork; popular items include sideboards for displaying plates, feather and four poster beds.
They are mostly made of highly ornate, carved, and heavy oak or wood

French Provincial – born out of those French nobility who felt that Paris was too urban for them, French Provincial style features classic yet casual items, often painted white, with a gilt and discreet floral accents.
French Provincial style is often considered a mix of Rococo, rustic and French countryside styles.

Victorian – draws influence from gothic forms, including heavy proportions, dark finish, elaborate carving and ornamentation.
Has strong influences from Rococo and Louis XV, with extravagant curves, and decorative carvings. Chairs had shorter legs because springs were incorporated. Woods of choice include Rosewood, mahogany, and oak.

As you will probably notice, most of these styles are still very prominent in today’s furniture. They are called classics for a reason, and that reason being the timelessness of their beauty and appeal. Mixing and matching classic furniture with certain modern ones will definitely create a more interesting ambiance in your home and will surely wow your guests.

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