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Bathrooms and Faucets: Making the Right Choices

Today’s Guest post is all about Bathrooms and Faucets: Making the Right Choices

My wife and I have been considering remodeling the home bathroom for some time now, and just because it is the smallest room in the house, does not mean we have small plans for it!

It started out with an idea for a quick repaint and maybe some new fittings, but that changed when we realized the scale of what was needed. A quick paint job would not suffice. So, we decided to look into more detailed projects and discovered a mass of help at MaestroBath. Here we found a wealth of information and ideas to bring our plans to fruition. We found their section on faucets particularly interesting as it was probably not our top concern, but wow! What a selection they have. That led to the complete remodel decision. It is no good having a fabulous faucet and a color scheme. Before long we realized that the project was going to stretch our budget a little further than we had planned for, so we needed options. A bank loan was possible and there was the potential to hit our savings too, but I decided to look at some money raising ideas I had discovered on the internet and realized they could be a very fruitful source of extra capital.

With the funding in place, we set about the design and have come up with a complete picture of what we want. Our home bathroom would be a masterpiece, with new floors, tiles and new matching faucets to complete the picture.

Of course, there were further considerations like – Did a do the plumbing myself? I found excellent advice from MTP Plumbing through their site online but decided that a professional was the best answer, bearing in mind our extensive plans. Our home was at risk of flooding if I got it wrong! The same applied when I considered the electrical requirements, and a good look through internet convinced me to follow a similar route. Don’t get me wrong, I am a competent DIY enthusiast, but when it comes to the more dangerous stuff, I like to leave it to the professionals.

With all that done, my wife and I can now look at the beautiful bathroom we have created and think back to how it did look. It has been a worthwhile project and our friends are amazed at the end result. They seem to comment on our choice of faucets too!

master bathroom 7

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master bathroom6

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master bathroom5


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master bathroom.2jpg

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master bathroom

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Who is swoonging and wants to tackle their bathroom(s) now? LOVE them all, I can’t pick a fav. I hope you enjoyied this helfpful post today.


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