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How a Swamp Cooler Fits With Your Décor

If its what you have or all you can have or use, today it’s all about “How a Swamp Cooler Fits With Your Décor”
If you are inside on a summer day working on a craft’s project, stay cool and comfortable with a swamp cooler that blends in well with your décor. You may have thought about the benefits of this device that cools and adds moisture to the air in dry, humid climates. You can find plenty of models that have a sleek, chrome-like appearance with a sculptured frame or a white box that can support decorative display items, such as figurines or vases. You don’t have to make a compromise between feeling comfortable and keeping your craft room stylish.

How a Swamp Cooler Works
Swamp coolers, despite the name, are not used in swamps, but are actually more appropriate for hot, dry climates and ideal for desert areas. The principle is similar to a vaporizer, but the swamp or evaporative cooler adds moisture to the air as well as heat. It works by drawing in outside air over water to chill it and sending it back out again. Many people place the evaporative coolers close to a window so it can have access to air from the outside. The advantage of swamp coolers over traditional air conditioning systems is that they are easier to install and tend to cost less. In addition, swamp coolers consume less energy than regular air conditioners.

Style and Function Combined
A swamp cooler is a functional item, but it need not be unattractive. You can find one that blends into the décor of any room. If you prefer your cooling device to be as unobtrusive as possible and not consume an inordinate amount of space, consider a tall, thin tower device along with a  swamp cooler start up. The tower fan that saves space as well as energy, and can be placed in a corner close to a window where it receives air. It may take up no more space than a typical coat rack. Look for a device with a white or silver surface with controls at the top.
Choose a compact swamp color in bold colors like blue and funky geometric designs. You may find a unit with a round face and a silver body that enhances the style of a modern looking room. Alternatively, opt for basic white if your room has a country theme and choose a unit that has a flat top that for placing or displaying items. A portable cooler has wheels at the bottom and can be rolled from one room to another for added convenience. This can be especially useful when some rooms get hotter than others as they receive more sunlight throughout the day.
Cool and vaporize your room and maintain the beauty of your interior décor with an evaporative cooler that blends right in with your style. Your energy bills will be lower with an environmentally-friendly cooler, and you can enjoy moist, pleasant air without spending a lot of money. Browse for coolers with designs that suit your style, with modern-looking sculpted units with a silvery exterior to an unobtrusive white box that can be placed easily under a window. Style, savings and comfort are important, and whether you are working on a craft project on an August afternoon or entertaining guests, you can take the sweat out of summer and enjoy the sunshine. 

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