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DIY Above Oven Open Shelving

Hello friends, my goodness its been way to long since I have posted something. I just get in a down hill rut, and I don’t know what to blog about? I don’t know if anyone is even coming by the blog reading or looking? I don’t feel creative at all, I just don’t feel it in anyway, shape of form, and I hate when I get that way. Heck’ I am only human right?

However, I can’t be that way because I truly love sharing ideas, crafts, decor, and so much more. So I thought today I would share my DIY above oven open shelving. Our kitchen in our home has a ton of cubboards and they go all the way up to the ceiling ( we don’t have vaulted ceilings) which makes them extra big. I love them, and all the space I have. In fact I have so much space, that the cubboards above my oven (microwave) weren’t even being used. Plus  since I don’t have that open cubboard pot shelve space at the top of your cubboards, that you can place stuff on.. I wanted a spot to decorate with some cute rustic farm decor. So “light bulb” I took off the cubboards, painted the whole space white and filled it up with some cute rustic farm decor. I love the open cubby space, and its so fun to change out for different holidays/seasons, or even just add a little extra holiday goodness to it. 

The paint I used was just some valspar bright white paint and primer. I did two coats and that was it. I did fill in the wholes from removing the cubboard attachments/hardware. I filled in the wholes with spakle, sanded,  and then stained over it with ebony stain. 

Here are some pictures. 

diy above oven open space1

diy above oven open space

diy above oven open space4-001

diy above oven open space2

diy above oven open space3

Now as most things go in “home life” I will be adding a subway or some kind of white backsplash and removing the puff tin back splash as well. Also, I may paint my upper cabinets white with white chalk paint some day, but for now I am enjoying the black cabinets and loving my kitchen. 

Here is a super fun mood board I created from WayFair (totally not sponsored just sharing something I love). You can create mood boards on WayFair and title them, but un like Pinterest if you are in the market to buy and they have the items in stock, you can purchase what you have saved. BOOOM.

Here is my “Rustic Farm Kitchen Mood Board”

diy farm house kitchen mood board

Thank you all for visiting today. xo jen

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