Make a Room Look Bigger with the Right Shutters

I’ am all about maximizing my space, and if I can’t make a room look bigger with white paint, then you and “I” can try Making a Room Look Bigger with the Right Shutters

Making the most of the space in your home is always important.

A big part of this is making the space you do have look bigger than it actually is. One of the first things you need to do to make this happen is to get rid of the clutter. Ornaments may all hold their own memories for you, but in general they also make a room loom smaller if you have too many of them. You also need to make sure your floor space is as open as possible; a couple of larger items of furniture give a better illusion of space than lots of smaller items. Curtains can also make your room seem smaller, as they take up more space than you may think. Shutters are sleeker in design; that’s why getting board and batten shutters for your home can make it seem as though there is more space.

Why shutters create more space than curtains 

Curtains can generally be quite bulky so they automatically give the appearance of taking up a fair amount of space in a room. They are also fitted alongside the window as well as in it. This takes up more room than shutters which are fitted just within the window itself. If you install shutters that have large louvres a great deal of the external light is allowed to enter your room. A light room always seems larger than one which is dimly lit. The biggest advantage of shutters, as far as creating a feeling of space is concerned, is the simplicity of them. This is especially the case if you opt to have your shutters in the same light color as your walls. Simple and light decoration gives even the smallest room that extra feeling of space, as opposed to a room with darker and more intricate decoration. 

How else can you make a room seem bigger?

One of the best ways of creating space in a room is to use mirrors. Looking in a mirror always gives the impression that you are surrounded by more space than you actually are. If you want to actually create more free space in a room, which in itself makes the room look bigger, then consider alternative storage options. There are plenty of under furniture storage products available so that you can just slip your kids toys in and slide them away from sight. This means you are not taking up any additional floor space with your storage. It’s also a good idea to define areas in a room. If you do this the room looks more organized and less cluttered. This in turn makes it seem bigger. If part of the room is used as an office space then make sure anything related is confined to that space and its use is obvious; likewise spaces that are used for play or dining.

There are plenty of ways you can go about making the rooms in your home look bigger, and using shutters on your windows is one of them.



I want shutters in my home, particualarly my front room window and kithen window. I love the look and the added layer/texture that they give.


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