Pizza PJ Party for Kids

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It’s summer now for my kids, and we kicked things off by recently throwing a Pizza PJ Party for Kids. They all got in ther pjs, dad found Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we set up blankets and pillows (you know for expected spills, and there were two) and we baked some yummy TONY’S® Pizza for the kids, and made up some yummy ranch dip and chopped up some celery sticks and added carrot sticks as well. Lastly we served orange Crystal Light for their refreshment. Needless to say my kids were thrilled with this idea. Pizza is fun, but its even funner when you put it with a theme or a party. That is were TONY’S® Pizza has you covered for every event with great pizza that dates back to 1960. Tony’s is a genuine company full of pizza heritage that you can get for a great value. Bringing back the old classic with their new pizza that is 30% larger than before, you can feed the whole family easily. I love that TONY’S® Pizza is 30% larger, has authentic pizzeria taste, is made with real cheese, and the sauce is made with italian style herbs. YUM YUM YUM! 

pizza pj party1

pizza pj party5

pizza pj party4

pizza pj party6

pizza pj party7

pizza pj party8

pizza pj party12

pizza pj party11

pizza pj party10

Who loves a coupon, I shopped at my local Walmart (that I frequent way to much, its to close by) SAVE $.75 off of any TWO (2) Tony’s Pizza (14.14 oz. or larger) The Walmart digital coupon is available until 6/30/15. (while supplies last). Here is a coupon link 

If you like TONY’S® Pizza as much as my family does feel free to follow them on their FB page. 

My family sure had fun being all together and enjoying some yummy stuff, that we don’t always splurge on. Best part is we were all together making a memory. 




  1. What a fun idea for movie night!

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