Important Tips When Purchasing a Portable Heater

I don’t know about all of you, but I know that right now as Summer is just starting I still get cold in the morning and at night. It takes until almost late noon before I am warm. It actually drives my hubby nuts. So today  its all about Important Tips When Purchasing a Portable Heater. I am always telling my hubby, that I need a portable heater, especially under my desk when I am working. Heck’ it can be the dead of summer, but if the AC is working well and I have a cold drink, or ice cream… BOOM! I’m cold. Is it a girl thing? I don’t know. HA! 

OK’ moving on when outdoor temperatures drop, many homeowners look for primary heat sources, or ways to supplement their homes’ existing heating systems. If you are looking into the various portable electric heaters that are currently available, keep in mind that you have several strong options from which to choose. Ultimately, selecting the portable electric heater that best meets your needs comes down to three key aspects of every heater: its BTU output, portability, and safety features. 

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BTU Output 

The BTU, or British thermal unit, output of a given heater indicates the power of the device. This number can therefore give you a sense for how quickly and effectively it can heat a given space. Many high quality portable electric heaters have an output that ranges from 5,100 to 5,500 BTU per hour. For heaters that are designed to be portable, this is an impressive amount of power, and can mean an extra warm home during the winter time. The heaters can also be of use during the warmer months, as well, since many of them have powerful built-in fans that can be used independently of producing heat for the sake of circulating air around a room.


Portable heaters vary in size, though many weigh around 10 pounds. This means that they are substantial enough to be effective and sturdy, but still convenient to move around the house or stow away when they are not needed. Additionally, the portability of these heaters can be useful for camping or other outdoor purposes. Some brands of portable heaters are specifically designed with this outdoor use in mind, and have heavy-duty and durable exteriors so as to withstand being used outside. These brands often also come with useful handles which makes hauling the heaters all the easier.

Safety Features

Given the fact that these heaters are most often used in the home, it is of the utmost importance to find a heater with all the safety features you feel will be necessary for your use of the device. Most electric heaters come with some safety features, though some more than others. Automatic emergency shut-off or tip over switches can serve to help make the heaters as safe as possible and minimizing the risk of fires. Moreover, the best electric heaters are designed to produce absolutely no fumes or flames in the immediate surroundings of the heater. Heaters such as these can offer you peace of mind and the knowledge that constant supervision of the device when in use is not necessary.

Find the Right Heater for You

By taking note of your particular heating needs and preferences, you can determine which portable electric heater is ideal for your home. Be sure to carefully consider the power, portability, and safety features of each heater before purchasing one. Equip Supply offers quality portable electronic heaters with varying features in these three areas, allowing you to select the product that is an ideal match for you and your home.

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Keep warm and or comfortable my friends. jen



  1. I’ve always preferred portable heaters. Gotta always have one!

  2. Really good points! Thank you for sharing! I find your tips really helpful! 🙂

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