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Photo Books| A gift option for the creative type

Photo Books: A gift option for the creative type ?

Photo books are a fantastic way to show someone you love, just how much. Whether you are celebrating the birth of a newborn or creating a sort of memorial for the death of a loved one, photo books can be made for any occasion. Weddings, Valentines day, Birthdays and more! Since I myself got into the world of photography, I make random ones such as when visiting the beach I took pictures of the sea, shells on the sand and the sunset. We actually have quite a collection of photo books we’ve created as I wanted somewhere to store all of the memories of places I have been, I actually have an entire bookshelf full of them. But are they just for creatives? Photo book creation is not just for creatives. In fact you are countless ideas and templates around to help inspire the non-creative type. So, its time to get this idea of of your mind..

Creating your photo book.

If you have not created one online yet here are some reasons to:

  • Digital photo books can hold thousands upon thousands of photos in, saving you the space of keeping them at home.
  • Digital photo books can be duplicated as many times as you like making them easy to personalize and send off to those special people.
  • Creativity is limitless – you can create a wide range of frames, borders and even give it the scrapbook look.
  • You can share and send your creations online, if you have family abroad this sort of thing is perfect to share the memories of holidays with them.
  • You do not have to print them yourself, as many companies that do online photo books offer print services and deliver around the world. They can range from soft cover at $8, hard covers and even high-end premium pro options for $250+.

There are different types, including differences in size and hard/soft cover photo books. Some will suit weddings and birthdays, while others will suit corporate and portfolio types.

Decide on your style and then find a provider online.

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