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DIY Craft Cubby Wall

EEP! I am so excited to share this DIY Craft Cubby Wall. Over two years ago I found this huge handmade wood cubby unit at my local Mercantile Antique shop. It was covered in cat hair, cobwebs, and was a dark purple-ish brown. Needless to say it needed some major love. So fast forward to present, I started by cleaning out all the cubbies EW! and sanding some of it. I then spray painted it with white spray paint. I ran out of spray paint and never finished covering it thoroughly with the white paint. So recently I went and picked up Amy Howard’s amazing Chalk Paint in “Tick Tock” at Ace Hardware, and covered the whole thing in the pretty turquoise color. I then took my hubbies electric sander and sanded the whole thing to give it a cute chippy look.  I love the outcome of the whole thing, and if you follow me on Instagram and see any of my Craft Cubby pics. I have a hashtag called #comcubby and you can see the before, during, and after pics.

Lets see the After!!! YAY! clapping hands.

DIY Craft Cubby Wall

craft wall cubby 8

DIY Craft Cubby Wall23

craft wall cubby 12

craft wall cubby 13

craft wall cubby

craft wall cubby3

DIY Craft Cubby Wall18

DIY Craft Cubby Wall17

craft wall cubby10

DIY Craft Cubby Wall15

DIY Craft Cubby Wall8

DIY Craft Cubby Wall4

craft cubby long collage

Also here is my Craft Peg Board Wall.

Thanks for visiting COM. I hope this helps you with your next organization, craft room, space, nook, or wall.

Hugs, jen


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5 thoughts on “DIY Craft Cubby Wall

  1. Hello! I just discovered this lovely shelf that you have. I was thinking of making on for my self. What are the dimensions? I can’t wrap my brain around it with just these photos. Just the depth and the length and width would be super helpful. I can customize from there to suit my needs. Thanks so much! I love this! Great peice and such a cool find.

  2. “Thanks for visiting COM. I hope this helps you with your next organization, craft room, space, nook, or wall.

    Hugs, jen”

    no it does not help…. because you didn’t tell us the dimensions or how you made it…. 🙁

    please tell us how to make it so it can “help” us with our organization… please! 🙂

    1. I bought my craft cubby at an antique store (someone out there made it)…. I chalk painted it two different colors, and sanded it. The post is “DIY Craft Cubby Wall”, not “How to Make a Craft Cubby”. jen

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