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Valentine Wall and Piano Top Decor

Hi friends, YAY! I am excited to share my Valentine Wall and Piano Top Decor. I don’t have a mantel so piano top acts as my mantel, and that is just fine. I just added a bunch of heart DIY Crafts I made, some gold vinyl and some other little touches. The colors are kinda Valentine Chic. If you have any questions about anything specific, please leave me a comment and I will reply. Lets take a look at my Valentine Decor.

valentine decor6

valentine piano and wall decor

valentine wall decor5

valentine wall decor1

The large canvas is from Canvas Corp. and I stenciled on the large black heart.

valentine wall decor 3

valentine decor 8

valentines piano decor

The wood heart was purchased at JOANNS last year, and I stained it.

valentine piano decor2

valentines mirror decor

The smaller canvases are also from Canvas Corp. I cut out a heart for the gold one, held the heart in place with some glue dots, and then painted over it with gold acrylic paint. Once it was dry I removed the paper. For the smaller canvas I glued down an upside down paper mache heart, and added gold and pink glitter paint to the top.

valentine piano decor

The clipboard was from Targets $1.00-$3.00 dollar spot and I just cut out a heart from gold paper, added some gold sparkle paint and added the 14 chipboard to it.

valentine piano decor4

valentine decor 4

valentine decor2

I love it and puffy heart it very much.

You can check out this Paper Heart Specimen Art Here

valentine speciman art favorite

Thanks for stopping in friends, I love hearing from you too.




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