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When life throws you Lemons and Diet Coke Free Printable’s

Life can be rather challenging, difficult, and stressful at times. It can feel like you are being hit by a ton of lemons. That is why today I am sharing my

“When life throws you lemons and Diet Coke Free Printable’s”

We have two choices in life when faced with frustration, we can get upset or we can laugh it off. Today I am telling you that when those lemons come rolling in, just slice them up and stick one in your diet coke! then sit back laugh at the situation, kick up your feet, sip on your diet coke, and know that everything is going to be OK. Diet coke with fresh squeezed lemon in it, sure has a way of making us “me” feel better, so don’t sweat the small (or big) stuff. Just drink a diet coke with a happy lemon wedge inside, and let the craziness roll of your back. The End.

Right click your mouse, save as,  and print (or upload to be printed). Pick your favorite color and enjoy!

lemons diet coke blue and yellow lemons diet coke turquoise and yellow lemons diet coke pink and yellow lemons diet coke green yellow lemon diet coke printable


Oh’ and there’s is always a chocolate bar to put aside your Diet Coke and Lemon. Just sayin.

xo jen

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