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“3” Custom Kitchen Aid Mixers Giveaway


3 kitchen aid mixer giveaway

Hi guys,

Have you ever wanted a Kitchen Aid Mixer? I have personally wanted one for 14 years, and it wasn’t until this last Christmas that I finally got one. YEAH, I was stoked! I even named her “Betty White” (shes white) Ha! Well today I am sharing and talking a  little bit about winning “3” Custom Kitchen Aid Mixers, Yep’ “Giveaway!” This Giveaway gets better then just an awesome Kitchen Aid Mixer? why? because there will be “3” winners, but there is even more… the “3” winners will get a “custom” Yes’ “custom’ beautifully painted Kitchen Aid Mixer! By a very talented artist Un-Amore. Visit the link to see some of Nicole’s beautifully custom painted Kitchen Aid Mixers.

To get involved at a chance at a winning a custom Kitchen Aid Mixer you have to go this link Here to read all the rules and how to enter. I am telling you guys, this is an awesome opportunity to win a lovely “personalized” handy and “pretty” helper in your kitchen. Make sure to click the “Here” link above and good luck! (please don’t enter here on COM, you must visit the link to enter). Thanks for visiting today.

custom kitchen aid painted mixer giveaway

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