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8 Great DIY Projects and Tips!

There are lots of things we can do around our homes for better or nicer “Home Improvements!” so today I am sharing “8 Great DIY Projects and Tips!” When starting Home Improvement projects you probably want to start small or in one room or one space. Some of our projects can be small or big, whether its simply de-cluttering, scrubbing, or doing some deep cleaning. They can involve painting, adding in new flooring, carpet, adding built- ins, tearing down walls, or even building new furniture pieces or just refurbishing them. When doing home improvement projects all you may need is just some new paint, and let me just say its pretty amazing what just a new colored wall(s) can do. You may just need to sand something and need some good sand paper or a nice sander. However, some of your Home Improvement projects may be more involved and time sensitive. Those kinds of projects take more planning and probably will  involve, cutting wood, so you would need a nice saw, saw table,  drill, good drill bits, time measuring, time preparing, building, and installing. Honestly, those kinds of projects I let the hubs do and I will just watch and monitor HA! Honestly, I love small and big Home Improvement projects! anything that will make my house function better, more enjoyable, and  feel more like home, is fine by me.

Now lets check out some of these DIY Home Projects below.

8 great diy projects and tips on craftomaniac

DIY Factory Cart Table- Link Source Here. 

diy home improvement cart table

DIY Pallet Backed Bookshelf- Link Source Here.

diy pallet backed bookshelf

DIY Stackable Fruit Crates- Link Source Here.

diy home improvement wood fruit crates

DIY Farm House Table- Link Source Here.

diy home improvement table finish5

DIY Yard Stick Buffet Table- Link Source Here.

DIY Home Improvement ruller buffet table

DIY Pallet Wood Coffee Table- Link Source Here.

diy home improvement pallet table

DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer- Link Source Here.

diy home improvement mason jar bathroom board

DIY Headboard and Cornice- Link Source Here.

diy home improvement cornice box

I hope these 8 Great DIY Projects and Tips! helped you out today.

Thanks for stopping in. Jen

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