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Gallery Wall Nook!

Hi friends, today I am sharing how I freshened up a previously shown “Gallery Wall Nook!” I have shared this gallery wall nook in the past, so some of you will recognize it. I just wanted something cleaner and brighter since things are changing around our pad (stay tuned for more on that). When you rent a home there isn’t a whole lot you can do in terms of heavy duty DIY. Sometimes your lucky if you can paint a wall or two, so that can be a bit frustrating for me. I think “Dang it!” my DIY ideas and abilities are held back, bummer right?! Well, that is why I like to change things around and give them a new look. Obviously, its done on a smaller scale to “doing things yourself” but hey’ it’s still an accomplishment and it can give you that “Home Decor” lift you were wanting.

So lets see what changes I made shall we…

gallery wall nook13

gallery wall nook15

gallery wall nook16

gallery wall nook11

gallery wall nook14




gallery wall nook17

I liked the before as well, but I was just tired of that dark blue lagoon and chartreuse green (great colors just over it).

I hope this inspires you with your own entry wall, entry hall, entry way, or nook wall.

Thanks for stopping in.


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7 thoughts on “Gallery Wall Nook!

    1. Hey Chrystal,

      I got it at a local home decor store in S. Utah about 9 years ago and they have since gone out of business. I’m sorry, you could totally DIY one and make it. Hugs, jen

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