Kids Santa Letter & Card Station

Hi friends, I am tickled to share this darling 
Kids Santa Letter & Card Station” 
that is what I am naming it anyway. For several months I have had my eyes on this old vintage Chicago elementary school black board at the antique store I frequent. I just didn’t want to pay nearly $200.00 for it. So I watched and watched and watched, then the price got lowered, then I asked about it? and they asked what I would be willing to pay for it? I told them my price, and then put it on layaway. I made a few payments, and then yesterday I payed the balance off and took the beauty home! YEAH “Merry Christmas” to me. I wanted this piece so bad, because I new exactly where it would go. Plus, I believe that if something has been around long enough and not purchased, then it was meant for you. Yep’ that’s my shopping motto! (is that a motto?).

So below is my kids “Art and Homework Station” changed up a bit and turned into a “Santa Letter & Card Station!”
 As soon as I was finished my little boys stood in front of it and asked a bunch of questions. They realy like the deer and the vintage car with the Christmas tree. My daughter could hardly wait to write a letter/make a card for Santa. I think it was a hit. 

Thank you all for stopping in today, I will see you tomorrow evening for Craft-O-Maniac Monday.