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Winter Wonderland Christmas Wreath

Well I did it!, I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to make some kind of a feather boa wreath, and I did. YAY!  I went out and gathered up some supplies to make my own “Feather Boa” Christmas Wreath. I am calling this wreath “ Winter Wonderland Christmas Wreath.” … a cozy little house tucked up in the winter snowy woods. The cute deer’s in the woods love to gather around the snowed in home that is heated by a nice hot wood burning stove, and a hot crackling fire. The people inside sing Christmas carols around the fire and sip on hot cocoa. OK’ I am officially a dork! Love me anyways please! anyway, that is what I invision when I look at this
sweet wreath.
feather boa christmas wreath
How To: I started with 4 sheets of white felt that I cut into strips, I then wrapped each strip around the 14 x 14 inch foam wreath form, hot gluing each piece down. I then took “3” feather boas (JoAnns) and wrapped and hot glued them to the foam form as well. Next I took my deer’s, house, and trees (Michaels) and played with them until I liked the look. Then I hot glued them all down as well. This project was pretty easy about 30 minutes total.
I am pretty much in love with it!!! and my kids love to stand in front of it, especially my 2 year old and gaze at it. So fun!
Thank you as always for stopping in today.
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diy feather boa winter wonderland wreath2
diy feather boa winter wonderland wreath5



diy feather boa winter wonderland wreath7

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28 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Christmas Wreath

  1. Thank you for being so thoughtful in providing step-by-step instructions, pictures, & the stores where you purchased everything! So efficient! You did a great job!

  2. Have just come across your project on Pinterest, it is absoltely stunning and has inspired me to have a go! Thank you for sharing xx Jan xx

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