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7 DIY Christmas Boa Wreaths

You may not think of “Christmas Wreaths” when you hear the word feather boas. They aren’t just for dress up, Halloween costumes, mardi gras, or New Years Eve parties. I have wanted to make a feather boa wreath for some time now, and its my mission to make one this year, perhaps over the weekend??? I have seen a lot of Halloween feather boa wreaths, some Easter ones, and some Valentine ones too (you can search them on Pinterest). However, for the Christmas season I am really loving the white ones the most.. so I put together a small round up of some I think are simple but so lovely. 

The best part to making a feather boa wreath, is that they don’t take much, just a wreath form, a glue gun, a feather boa or two, and a piece of ribbon. Its your choice if you want to embellish them or not. They are just super fun and festive. So lets all take a look shall we?

and hhere they are..
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Source Here I couldn’t find the actual link source.
Aren’t they so lovely? they make me want to sing this song….  

“Walking in a Winter Wonderland”

Thank you all for stopping by today.
See you tomorrow evening. 

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One thought on “7 DIY Christmas Boa Wreaths

  1. This is what I have on mind for my wreath this year! I haven’t had much luck finding the thinner fuzzy boas (not feathers) but I plan to use that with my twig wreath and have a snowy look. It’s such a great look for a wreath!

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