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Harvest Table Decor

I didn’t do a whole lot of Thanksgiving decorating this year, I just kept it very simple. That said, today I am sharing my 
Harvest Table Decor
I just shopped my home and my Thanksgiving tote, and played around with the table until I got a look I liked. The cute wood “Originals” box is from Whole Port. I don’t remember where I got the owl, turkey, or damask hat box (sorry) the cute chicken wire door I got at an antique store in my local town called Mercantile Antiques & Consignment.  The square burlap stitched piece is from Canvas Corp and the cute Harvest wood block I got at Krumpets Home Decor several years ago. You can find most wicker balls and faux fruits and apples at stores like Walmart, Target, TJ Max and Homegoods etc.  

So here is my Havest Table Decor

Have you gotten any of your fall put up? are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?
Do you like pumpkin pie? (not me)

Thank you all for stopping in today. 

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