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How to Host a Fund DIY Pool Party

these adorable beach ball cake pops are from the talented Bakerella 

Host a Fun DIY Pool Party This Summer

Decorating for a summer pool party can seem intimidating if you’ve never undertaken the task before. It can also be expensive if you decide to buy or rent most of your decorations. While you’re better off renting or buying the important items, such as lighting, you can make your reuse other items from around the house. A pool party is the perfect way to put your DIY skills to use.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful, festive setting for your backyard pool party.


Commercial string lights are low-cost and can be conveniently purchased online. They’re a great way to illuminate your evening pool party. Attach the strings to cables and solid structures to make sure they’re properly supported. Longer strings of lights are heavier so make sure they’re secured and won’t fall into your pool.

To really add atmosphere, choose colored bulbs over plain white ones. White bulbs will make the party more classic and inviting while colored lights will explode globs of color over guests and your pool. Whichever choice you make, the result is beautiful. String lights give off a more subtle lighting effect and you can use them in a variety of ways.


You don’t have to use helium filled balloons to decorate your party. Fill smaller balloons and manually attach them to string, to create decorative garland. String this garland randomly around the pool area.

Choose colors that match your theme. It’s a great idea to choose one color and pair them with white or black balloons for a tailored, uniform look. You can also fill larger balloons with helium and attach the strings to key spots around the party, such as highlighting the buffet table or dessert station.

Another great way to highlight the dessert station is with a DIY beach bulletin board.


Streamers are easy to make. Cut old wrapping paper into thin strips, 1/8-inch wide or thinner. Wrap the strips around pencils, securing the ends with tape. Leave the wrapping paper on the pencils for several hours. Metallic and colorful wrapping paper looks best. Use the streamers to decorate your balloons or randomly sprinkle them on tables.

Floating Décor

Use your pool to your advantage. If you’re planning to allow guests to swim, use decorations that can double as instruments of fun. Throw colorful rafts, swimming noodles and other pool toys into the water. Don’t forget tub toys, to add a layer of whimsy. Toy boats and rubber ducks are a great way to add fun to the party. Plus, if you have kids, you already have these items on hand.


Place candles and silk flowers on tables to serve as the centerpieces. You can use real flowers if you have them but silk flowers stay beautiful all afternoon into the evening. Trim the stems and place them in small vases or use the steams to weave a wreath to place around the candles.

Real flowers will require a little more finesse to keep them looking lovely. If you have beautiful flowers in your garden, feel free to decorate the tables with them. Add water to the vases to keep them from wilting.

Colorful tablecloths and small buckets of condiments are a great way to dress up the tables. Don’t forget to place baskets of utensils on each table.

Overall, your pool party can look great without spending a fortune. Simply follow these steps and look for your decorations in the home instead of shopping for all new stuff.  

image via Party City here
Beach Cupcakes from Uncommon Designs here

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