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St. Patrick’s Day Macarons

st. patrick’s day shamrock macarons
i’m mindy from creative juice and i love macarons! 
and i have come to love st patricks day… 
remember this party i shared last year with you? 
if you have made macarons before then this tutorial is an easy way to kick them up a notch. 
never made macarons before?
then you should check out my BOOK and pre-order your copy!! 
it will teach you how to make basic macarons AND show you how to make 
over 75 FUN and FESTIVE shapes to fit any event like the ones i am sharing today!
these are really simple to make! 
here’s how….
          before you start:
          if you are new to macarons you may want to start with my DIY guide.
          then pick a recipe – my favorite recipes online are herehere, and here 
          my favorite macaron book is here …. and not just because i wrote it 🙂 
              you will need:
             – macaron shells  
             – vanilla bean buttercream (or filling of your choice) 
             – green candy melts
             – green and white jimmy sprinkles
             – wax paper
             – green edible ink pen
             – green heart shaped sprinkles
             – royal icing
                to make them:
1. pair similar size shells and fill with buttercream. chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
2. melt green candy coating. remove macarons and gently dip 1/3 – 1/2 into the coating.
3. dip into the sprinkles and set on wax paper upright to cool. 
4. use a green edible ink pen and draw a stem for the clover directly on the top shell.
5. use a small amount of royal icing and adhere the green hearts into a clover shape.
happy st patricks day!
mindy starr

Thank you Mindy these are darling, I love them. 
Mindy is so talented make sure you visit her blog. 

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2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Macarons

  1. These are absolutely adorable..and they look very yummy too!!!

    I would love for you to come share these goodies at my new link party..the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA!!! It’s open now through Noon ET on Sunday!

    Here’s the link if you’re interested!


    It’s for anyone with DIY, Tablescapes, Home Decor, Recipes, Home Tours, Makeovers, etc. to share! I hope to see you there!

    Thanks for sharing this! Hope you have a great weekend!

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